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Sliding doors are the most popular form of building cavities, allows for free arrangement of space around them. Sliding doors are space-saving and convenient to use. A rich offer of fillings with plates...

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For those areas where due to the small width is not possible to apply the sliding doors, we offer the perfect solution to what are folding doors...

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Pull-apart doors are the perfect choice for lovers of the classics. The entire structure as opposed to sliding systems based on hinges. Sides of this system are mounted on the cabinet ceiling and the floor...

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Pathway doors are ideal for people with a separate dressing room or wanting to part aesthetically pleasing transition between rooms. Characteristic of...

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To meet the high demands of our customers, we give opportunity to fit furniture to your individual needs. Our custom-made furnishings are designed to allow optimum use of space, providing maximum comfort during use.


In the furniture industry we have been operating since 2004. Gained during this time experience and extensive quality control department allows us to deliver products that meet the highest quality standards.


In order to provide you with robust and durable furniture in the production process we use materials derived only from the best producers, among other things German and Austrian.


Lifetime warranty on running systems.


We create furniture with stable structures complying with safety rules. In addition, we use advanced systems such as. Self-closing, which enables quiet closing of the doors and protect your hands from pinch.

Custom built

As a few we realize projects of sliding door to a height of 3.5m.